(Agile 2015 Wrap-up) Podcasting at a non-sustainable pace – 97


Released Sunday, August 16th, 2015
Hosts: Jason Tice and Natalie Simonsen


Now that the Agile2015 conference has concluded, join Natalie Simonsen and Jason Tice for a round-robin discussion of their key take-aways and themes from the week long Agile2015 conference held in August 2015.

  • Luke Hohmann inspired us in his keynote to think about applying the skills we have in the agile community related to problem solving, collaboration, and continuous improvement to help with challenges outside of just software development (examples could include: school funding, government, social challenges, etc).  The Agile Alliance has posted Luke’s Keynote at the following URL: http://agilealliance.org/resources/learning-center/keynote-awesome-superproblems
  • The importance of invitation over mandate with regard to adopting agile practices – people that are forced to adopt agile practices will abandon them the first opportunity that presents themselves – if you are a coach, this is a great thing to reflect on – what are you doing to “invite” people to work with you vs. “preaching” the adoption of agile practices.
  • When attending a large week-long conference like Agile2015, “Go with the flow” and challenge yourself to do something other than go to all the sessions.  Don’t get us wrong the sessions are great, but there are lots of other ways to learn, network and grow at the agile conference outside of the sessions – there’s the open jam where anyone can speak, the coaching clinic where you can get 1-on-1 advice, and even just chatting with other community members in the hallway.
  • Process and metrics are intended to serve people – processes should enable people to improve and metrics should provide insights to guide improvement without imprisoning the people doing the work.
  • We encountered several sessions at the conference that seemed to be very much focused on “selling” a particular product and/or approach that was not licensed in the public domain (Creative Commons) – we also heard similar comments to this effect during our episodes recorded at Agile2015.  Remember that the law of 2 feet is in effect at the annual Agile Alliance conference (or just about anywhere for that matter), and if you find yourself in a session where you don’t want to be “sold” to, get up and do something about it.
  • While we don’t have a standard method to assess adoption of agile methods, if a group is working to improve their agility they should be doing something to improve at all times (Kaizen, etc), something to learn and better understand how they work and what they are doing, and having fun (playing a game and/or doing a bit of Improv).
  • Bonus – the outcome of Jason’s experiment attending a 2 day agile coach camp, then a 5 day agile conference all back to back – 7 full days of immersion in “agile” was awesome, but was definitely overwhelming – 7 days came from the 2 day agile coach camp, and then the 5 day Agile2015 conference – if you’re into “high endurance learning experiences” I would recommend you put this kind of immersion on your bucket list.



  • PlayForAgile North America – Looking for your next FUN conference attend – join many of your colleagues from Agile Games, Agile2015 and/or Agile Coach Camp at PlayForAgile North America held September 11 – 13, 2015 – just outside of Toronto, Canada – Information and Registration is online: http://play4agilenorthamerica.com/
  • Bonus pick from Agile2015 – Check out Spartez – most innovative item in the Agile2015 expo hall – they have a JIRA Plugin that allow you to print physical cards from JIRA that include QR-type codes, you can then photograph your board with the cards, and their plug-in will automatically update JIRA for you – you can now have the benefits of physical kanban/cards with the precision of online / tool-generated metrics – https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.spartez.scrumprint.scrumplugin


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