We’re more similar than we know (Feedback Game) – 102


Released Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Hosts: Jason Tic, Amos King, Nate McKie and Natalie Simonsen


For ThisAgileLife Episode 102, “We’re more similar than we know”, Amos, Natalie, Nate and Jason demonstrated a card-driven round-robin technique to share feedback with team members or coworkers.  The outcome of the activity was that while many of you may think Amos, Natalie, Nate & Jason all think differently, they actually have more in common than perhaps you and they themselves realize.

Activities like this assist in helping self-managing teams come together and establish a stronger team mental model whereby team members have a good understanding of those they work with so that they are able to work together effectively.

The activity involved a bit of silent writing around a central question (which turned out to be not that silent on a podcast) – a series of questions were then raised to the group following the silent writing that they could respond to using the cards they had written.

Rather than explaining the technique, the hosts on ThisAgileLife participated as if they were team members so you’ll be able to hear how the technique works.  The hosts provided feedback to their teammates who work together to produce a weekly podcast.  The supplies, central question, and then follow up prompts are noted below in the event you’d like to try this activity on your team or with your colleagues.

Supplies Needed:

  • Team Members
  • 5-7 note cards per team member
  • A marker (Sharpie or similar) – using a marker is important so people can’t write that much

Central Question:

We’ll begin with a bit of silent writing, I’ve asked everyone to bring 5-7 note cards and a marker, using your marker I’d like you to write the first 5-7 attributes that come to mind about what YOU bring to our team – can be good, bad, etc – what’s important is that you focus on the FIRST things that come into your mind.

Please write each attribute on its own index card, when you run out of index cards, you’re done – you can think as much or as little as desired during this exercise, however, I urge you think go with your first thoughts vs. trying to prioritize – more than likely what comes to your mind first are the probably the most important things to discuss and get feedback on.

Round Robin Discussion Prompts:

  • Which one of your attributes do you feel you do best?
  • If you had to pick one attribute over the others, which one would it be and why?  This does not necessarily have to be the attribute that you selected as your ”best”.
  • Now let’s talk about your runner up, what the second most important attribute – what was it, why did you decide it was second?
  • Out of your attributes, which do you feel was the most recent addition to your persona – how did you become comfortable with it?
  • Is there an attribute that you think you could improve, and if so how?  Is there a member of the group that could help you with this?
  • Is there an attribute that you would like to “gift” to another member of the group?  And of course tell us why?
  • Share your any attributes that you have mentioned yet with the group – is there an attribute that you’d like to “steal” (or perhaps we should say “learn”) from someone else?


As a final round-robin discussion, share your takeaway from this experience – what did you learn about yourself and have you identified a specific action with regard to an attribute of your persona or another member of the team’s persona.






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