Episode 64 – Anything that is Sacred is Not Agile


Released Sunday, October 5th, 2014.

Hosts: John SextroAmos KingCraig BuchekLee McCauleyJason Tice


Why Scrum Should Basically Just Die in a Fire by Giles Bowkett

  • The estimation process in Scrum, planning poker combined with the inevitable technical discussions is broken.
    • Agile values communication, why do we limit the technical discussions that always occur during estimation?
  • Standups don’t work because they always devolve into hour long meetings and what is worse is that the managers always find a way to sit down while the rest of us are left standing.
  • “Sprints” fly in the face of agility.  Agility espouses sustainable pace and there is no such thing as a sustainable sprint.
  • Scrum devalues measuring progress via working software because we track velocity as a metric.
  • “Scrum…tries to enhance the accountability of a field of work [software development] where both failure and success are obvious to the naked eye.”
  • Look at Marketing…they can’t measure their worth so neither should we.


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