Episode 30 – People Work Here (2014 Predictions)


Recorded Monday, December 23, 2013

Hosts: John Sextro, Jason Tice and Dr. Lee McCauley

2014 Predictions regarding the Human Side of Agile

By Gil Broza, The Human Side of Agile

  1. People will still refer to other people as “resources” — even to their own teammates.
  2. Nominally Agile organizations will continue to administer performance appraisals that emphasize the individual and downplay the team.
  3. Technology managers and stakeholders will still assume that their teams ought to develop quality products faster than is realistically possible.
  4. Companies will continue to not train their developers in Agile engineering, because technical execution skill will remain off the radar.
  5. Project managers will still struggle to come up with a good measure of Agile team productivity for their executives, and consultants will continue telling those project managers that they shouldn’t be measuring productivity.
  6. Bad meetings — and complaining about the number of meetings in Agile — will remain the norm.
  7. Cubicles and other sensory-deprivation cells will still dot offices, but there will be fewer of them.
  8. Female programmers and architects will still be unheard of in many organizations.
  9. Consultants will continue arguing over the merits of various methodologies and frameworks, while practitioners — getting more and more confused — will just do whatever their organizations will tolerate.
  10. And… people like me will remain hopeful and driven to change all that!

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