Episode 35 – Spam Amos (Splitting Stories)


Recorded Monday, February 3, 2014

Hosts: John Sextro, Nate McKie, Dr. Lee McCauley and Amos King

Splitting Stories

  • Why do we care about splitting a story?

    • Focus
    • Estimation
    • Flexibility
    • Continuous delivery
    • Learning
  • 20 ways to split stories, Bill Wake
  • Story Splitting Flowchart, Richard Lawrence
  • Approaches for splitting stories
    • Password verification field, enter once then enter again
    • Hit the hard part first
    • Border/edge conditions
    • Happy Path
    • So that
    • Validations
    • Higher level Given When Then
    • Spike
  • Dangers of splitting stories
    • Leaving gaps / Tunnel vision
    • Is it possible to be too simplistic?

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  1. Joe Barns listened and spammed me.



  1. Late last month, I had a long twitter conversation with none other than the venerable lover of all things code and agile: Amos King. As you can see, we eventually took the conversation offline given Twitter is not quite conducive to in-depth conversations such as how one should break software development stories into smaller stories. Furthermore, an email is also not fully sufficient and the topic evidently warranted a full one-hour podcast.

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