Episode 41 – Dave Gave Me Goosebumps


Released Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hosts: John SextroAmos KingJason Tice, Craig Buchek

Special Guest: Dave Thomas

Discussion with Dave Thomas

  • Dave Thomas’ Post on the Death of Agile: Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility)
  • Article Motivator: Shame
  • The Values of Agility Have Been Forgotten
  • The Name “Agile”
  • Implementing “Agile”
  • Extreme Programming vs Agile
  • Learning to be Agile/Scaling Agile
    • Making Small Changes Over Time
    • People Over Processes
    • Buddhist Word: Mu
    • Change
  • Rebuilding the Brand
  • Agile and the Ruby Community
  • The Essence of Programming
    • Creativity
    • Solving Problems
    • Feedback
    • Programming as an Art
    • Passion
  • Inspiring Others to be Agile
  • Failure & Learning from Failure
  • Having Fun
    • Corporate Cultures

Picks of the Show

Dave Thomas (@pragdave)

  • Emacs
  • India or China Startup Incubators

John (@johnsextro)

Amos (@adkron)

Craig (@craigbuchek)

Jason (@TheAgileFactor)



  1. […] to Scala. This is particularly the case if the team has not adopted… no… embraced agility. Without such a mentality and value system, I scarcely believe the team will survive such a change. […]

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