Episode 42 – We Can All Just Get Along (Mob Programming)


Released Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hosts: John SextroJason Tice, Lee McCauley

Special Guest: Woody Zuill

Discussion with Woody Zuill

  • Mob Programming: Basic Overview
  • The Mechanics of Mob Programming
  • Ground Rules
    • Kindness, Respect & Consideration
  • Team Balance and Contributions
  • Pros of Mob Programming
    • Rapid Feedback Loop
    • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Convincing Management
  • Can a Mob Become Too Large?
  • The Keyboard Role and the Position of Power
  • Non-Developers and Mob Programming
  • Breaking Up with the Keyboard

Picks of the Show

Woody Zuill (@woodyzuill)

John (@johnsextro)

Lee (@agileatheist)

  • Tynker – iPad app teaching young kids how to code. My 10-year old daughter loves this.

Jason (@TheAgileFactor)

  • The St. Louis Agile Users’ Group – Yes there are 2 agile groups in STL (in addition to STL Agile LINC) – this group meets monthly over in the Metro East near Scott Air Force Base so lots of good discussion about the challenges of agile transformation in the public sector.
  • Dave Snowden comments on SAFe – Read It, and look forward to the discussion on future episode of ThisAgileLife.
  • Agile Games 2014 – June 2014 – sign up today and you can experience a 3 hour Mob Programming workshop with Woody (plus other great sessions).


  1. Woody states that it was during a team meeting that the mob programming practice emerged.
    The memebers of the team used the keyboard to review some code on a project that was “revived”;

    So it is interesting to notice that the team, trying to define the tasks and roadmap to finish the project, were already looking at the code during this meeting.
    They were not just seating looking at a powerpoint or leastening to someone giving instructions: they went directly to the real material: the code, and got their hands in it, to define the remaining tasks and roadmap;

    With that example, we see that good practices emerge only in organizations that already have good principles and practices.

    • Just because a good practice came from an organization with good practices doesn’t mean that is the only place to find inspiration. It definitely helps. How do you come to be an organization with good practices?


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