Episode 26 – Isn’t That Where They Put Richard Simmons


Recorded Monday, November 19, 2013

Hosts: John SextroJason Tice, Amos King, and Craig Buchek

Walking Skeleton, Minimal Marketable Feature and Thin Vertical Slice

  • Minimal Marketable Feature, definitive article
  • Walking Skeleton, definitive article
  • Thin Vertical Slice, explained
  • The concepts defined
  • How they are similar
  • How they are different
  • How to you use them
  • When to use them
  • Why to use them

Picks of the Show

Jason (@TheAgileFactor)

Amos (@adkron)

  • Automated User Acceptance Testing
  • Code retreat
  • Alfred

John (@jcsextro)

  • Sanebox, an email management service

Craig (@CraigBuchek)


  1. Great show guy!

    I think that minimum marketable features help set a team up for success. Having goals that are the minimum requirement helps keep developers on target with a goal in mind. In the past I have seen developers overwhelmed with huge features, and if a small part of the feature is not working the whole project appears to be a failure. Defining the minimum goal helps developers know when they have reached the goal and can start acquiring some pudding points.

    Pudding points — Points one can acquire with stakeholders for going above and beyond the minimum requirement. They are hmm hmm good!

  2. Ben,

    I love the term, pudding points. That is a great piece of insight as to why MMFs are so valuable. I personally would rather have a lot of small goals instead of one big goal.


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