Minimum Viable Airlines

Episode 147 · September 26th, 2019 · 58 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

Items necessary for "Minimum Viable Airlines" and your "Minimum Viable Project". These are the items that we agreed we would need before embarking on a project together. Do you have all of these before you begin a project?

  1. Destination - Project Vision
  2. Altitude - Depth of backlog
  3. Location - Progress (working software)
  4. Airspeed - Speed of delivery and speed constraints
  5. Fuel - Stories
  6. Captain or pilot - A leader
  7. Black box - Project data or metrics
  8. Landing gear - A clear and well worn path to prod
  9. Good flight procedures - Working agreements
  10. FAA flight time restrictions for pilots - Sustainable pace
  11. Logbook - Source control
  12. Emergency slide - Good enough or a safe way to end a project on short notice



  • Podcasting Innovation - it’s amazing how much has changed in the last 7+ years, thanks to all the people & companies that have created
  • Goats to Go - - you can poop out the back of the airplane
  • The Red Rubber Ball at Work - by Kevin Carroll - a fun book on practical strategies and why you should inject more fun into the workplace -
  • TV shows you can watch that Jason likes:
  • Why Planes Crash
  • Airline Repo